Shipping beer is what we’re all about.

Whale Pod Shipper was born out of the need of a trustworthy way to ship beer. The only beer shipping boxes on the market were not really designed to ship beer. Often times using those boxes would cause the cans to get damaged, and when a shipment arrives damaged the frustration can be enormous.  Often beverages shipped can be costly to replace or cannot be replaced at all. The Whale Pod Shipper solves these problems. Whale Pods are the world's original craft beer shipping boxes. They are compact, time and cost saving, and environmentally friendly.

Whale Pod Shippers are made of quality components designed to protect cans from the most rigorous shipping conditions. They are compact and durable, impact resistant, time and cost saving, and environmentally friendly.

Are you a Brewery, Bottle Shop, or Distributor? We offer wholesale pricing, check out our wholesale page HERE. Don’t ship beer? Your customers probably do, and they want to buy them. Whale Pods make great point of sale add ons in tap rooms and bottle shops, and they are very popular at can releases and special events. Make your brand memorable by putting your Brewery’s logo, branding or artwork on any of our Pods! Check out Custom Pods pager HERE. We can also create a fully custom Pod for your brewery’s needs. Whether you’re shipping 16oz cans, 12oz cans, or even bottles, we can fully customize a Pod for you!

Check out our short video that will tell you all about our flagship Pod, the 12 Pack Whale Pod Shipper, and why it's the best beer shipping carton on planet earth.

Product Testing

Let face it, old boxes and newspapers may be a cheap way to ship cans, but it's not safe, or easy. After you go through the trouble of packing them, they often arrive damaged. For these reasons, we felt the need to create a reliable and safe shipping box catered to the craft beer industry.  After countless hours of design and testing, the Whale Pod Shipper was born. 

Whale Pod Shippers are the highest quality craft beer shipping boxes on the market. They are made of quality components that not only protect your cans, but are environmentally friendly. Whether you are shipping craft beers to friends, family, fellow traders, or customers, the Whale Pod craft beer shipping box will get your goods to their destination unharmed and in perfect condition.

The Whale Pod Shipper was built to protect your cans through the most rigorous conditions. A 20 ft drop test seemed excessive, but it passed the test, and no cans were damaged.