Whale Pod FAQ’s

How do I ship beer?

Don’t worry, many people are confused on exactly how to ship beer. It all depends on the amount you’re shipping, as well as the what type you are shipping. If you are shipping cans, then it you need to determine how many, and what size. If you’re shipping 12 pint or 12oz cans, our 12 Pack Whale Pod Shipper is the easiest way. You can just order the Pod, assemble it once you receive it (which is very simple and quick) pack your beers in it, and drop it off at a UPS or Fedex location. You can use the same process if you’re shipping 24 pint or 12oz cans, just use our 24 Pack Whale Pod. If you’re shipping five to eight pint cans, our 8 Pack Whale Pod Shipper is the easiest route, and if you’re shipping up to six pint cans, your 6 Pack Whale Pod Shipper is your best option. For those smaller 4 pack beer shipments, we offer 4 Pack Whale Pod Shipper, which is are 4 pack beer shipping boxes. They safely ship up to 4 pint cans.

How expensive is it to ship beer?

That all depends on the quantity of beer, and where you are shipping it to. For instance, if you are shipping a 12 pack from the East Coast to the West Coast, it’s going to be considerably more expensive than shipping that same 12 pack from the East Coast to the Midwest. For non alcoholic beverages, if you are shipping up to eight pint cans, we recommend our 8 Pack USPS Flat Rate Shipper, or our 6 Pack USPS Flat Rate Shipper. They are designed to safely ship cans in a USPS Medium Flat Rate Box. The shipping cost for these is considerably cheaper than UPS or Fedex. So in order to determine how expensive it is to ship beer or non alcoholic beverages, you really need to know the quantity being shipped, as well the location it’s shipping to. Once you know that, you can an estimate on the shipping cost from UPS.com, Fedex.com, or USPS.com.

Is it legal to ship beer?

Yes, but it depends on a where you are shipping, and what method you are using to ship it. It’s illegal to ship alcohol in some states, some states it’s legal. It’s legal to ship via UPS and Fedex in some states, and not USPS. We recommend checking with your state laws, as well as the laws of the state that you are shipping to, before you ship any alcohol.

Are Whale Pods environmentally friendly?

Whale Pods are 100% recyclable. Both the cardboard beer shipping box and foam are fully recyclable. They are also made from recycled materials. Whale Pods are the most environmentally friendly beer can shipping boxes on planet earth.

Are Whale Pods only for shipping beer?

Definitely not! We offer shipping boxes for canned wine, tea, coffee, kombucha, energy drinks, soda, and sparkling water. Our canned wine, sparkling water, and kombucha shipping boxes have become very popular the last couple years. Basically, if it comes in a 12oz or 16oz can, you can ship it in a Whale Pod. We’ve even designed sleek can shipping boxes for customers. If your cans will not fit in our standard Pods for some reason, we’ll design one for you, with no design fees!

Are Whale Pods the best beer shipping boxes on the planet?


My brewery doesn’t ship beer, why would we need them?

Even if your brewery doesn’t ship beer, your customers probably do. Whale Pods make great point of sale add ons, and are a huge hit a beer releases. Breweries are also using them to ship beer for special events like beerfests, beer dinners, and col-labs.

Do you make Whale Pod Bottle Shippers?

We are in the design process of beer bottle shipping boxes. We are designing these Whale Pods to ship multiple sized bottles, like 750ml, 500ml, stout bottles, as well as standard 12oz bottles. They will be able to hold all of these multiple sized bottles in the same box. They will also hold wine bottles. Traditional wine bottle shipping boxes only hold one size bottle. These Whale Pods will hold any size wine or beer bottle, and will definitely be the highest quality, easiest to use beer and wine bottle shipping boxes on planet earth.

Why do people trade beers anyway?

Many breweries do not distribute their beer throughout the US, and are only available the local market they are located in. This is why trading beer has become so popular, simply because certain craft beers are not available everywhere. You have breweries like Other Half and Treehouse on the East Coast, that are not available throughout the US. This leads people that located on the West Coast, to trade their local beers like Monkish with people who cannot get that on the East Coast. Beer is traded all over the US though, and will continue to be traded as long as not all beer is distributed throughout the country.

Can you put our company’s logo on Whale Pods?

We can fully customize any of our Pods, any way you’d like. We can put fully custom graphics anywhere on the box. Putting your company’s logo on the box is a great way to advertise and market your beer. We can develop artwork for your, or use your own. For information on our customized beer and wine shipping boxes, go here.