Will the Whale Pod Shipper fit both 12oz and 16oz cans?

Yes. It was made precisely to protect both 12oz and 16oz craft beer cans. The top foam piece has push down spacers to keep 12oz cans secure.

Is the Whale Pod Shipper environmentally friendly?

Yes. The entire container is completely recyclable. It is made of corrugated cardboard and PE foam, both of which can be easily recycled. It was also designed to be used more than once. The quality of the materials allow it to be shipped numerous times.

Will the Whale Pod Shipper protect my precious shipment?

Yes. The Whale Pod shipper was designed specifically as a craft beer shipping box. It has been vigorously tested through various shipping conditions, and has passed with 100% protection. It will not only keep cans from breaking, but also from getting dented or damaged in any way.

Is it worth the money?

Yes. There may be other craft beer shipping boxes and packaging materials on the market, but nothing compares in quality to the Whale Pod Shipper.  We use durable and long lasting corrugate and foam to ensure protection. Considering you're shipping craft beer that may not be replaceable, it's well worth the money to protect those precious whales!